Wednesday, October 13


I'm starting to let myself get excited. Total strangers at work today have come up to me to ask about my Kerry-Edwards pin and want to discuss the presidential race, Democrats who are afraid to admit it (we're in Dallas, after all), independents who backed Bush in 2000 and want to vote for Kerry but need someone to assure them they're making the right decision, and people who usually vote Republican but are ready for a drastic change from "more of the same." They've expressed doubts about the war in Iraq, fears for their healthcare and jobs, despair over the cost of college tuition for their children. And they also want to know that their vote won't be in vain -- every single one of them was surprised when I said Kerry would win, but also rather excited at the prospect.

I'm not for one minute suggesting that John Kerry stands the least chance of carrying Texas. But I think people will be surprised to find the Bush margin of victory less than expected.


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