Tuesday, October 5

Thank Keith Olbermann for supporting journalistic integrity and holding those asleep at the switch(maliciously lying) accountable. You can contact him at: countdown@msnbc.com

I have posted an e-mail I sent to Keith below. Long live the Keith!

This is in reference to Keith Olbermann's coverage of the Fox News fabrication story. I applaud Keith and MSNBC for covering this story. He is a credit to journalism. He has courage in an industry that in my opinion has been sorely lacking the virtue of late. I was more outraged than you know to hear what Fox had done. I have sent e-mails to every major news organization asking them to cover this story and have blogged on it endlessly, from the moment it began up to this very minute. Keith and MSNBC will be given all the possible credit I can manage for their courage and integrity, in reporting this story. Of course I, many like-minded bloggers, and our readers will continue to follow this developing story as the unanswered questions are asked and we learn how these scurolous lapses of journalistic integrity happened. Will Fox fire the responsible parties? If not, will Jane Roh, who has not even been reprimanded, face any punishment at all? Will she be held accountable? How was Carl Cameron, whose wife is an active member in the Bush Cheney campaign, reprimanded? Carl is assigned to cover the Kerry campaign. Will he be taken off and replaced with someone that is not so closely tied to the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign? By someone that has not written fictitious stories about the candidate to which they are assigned? Can fox really claim to be on a par with other news organizations? Isn't it impossible that it's a coincidence that the two fake stories were damaging to the Democratic candidate and not the President? Isn't it curious that the stories appeared directly following a debate where the Democratic candidate soundly defeated the president and, as every news organization knows and has said, the spin zone was at it's most furious? Why has Fox News neither apologized for the story quoting "Communists for Kerry" nor held the offending author of that story accountable? Who is this Jane Roh? What do we know about her? Exactly what is her function at Fox News? Is this the first time Roh has been guilty of false reporting and irresponsible journalism?

If you have need of any information on this I have a truckload of it available. Please do not hesitate to contact me at: moreapples@hotmail.com

Again thank you for your great work and wonderful show. Falsified news is a threat to the health of our nation and you, of every television news organization I watch/monitor, have best protected our country by exposing it when you became aware that it was taking place. I am in your debt and so is every other American. Thank you thank you thank you. I am an MSNBC fan for life and although I already watch Keith a great deal you can guarantee I'll never miss another Countdown. Keep up the fantastic work!


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