Saturday, October 9


James Wolcott:

My provisional opinion, contingent upon no unforseen events altering the current dynamics (i.e, a meteor crashing through the ceiling of the auditorium), is that Kerry is grinding Bush into such fine pencil shavings that even Peggy Noonan will not be able to sweep him up and make him whole.


Dad Wonkette writes in with his summation: "Kerry waxed Bush's ass." And you wonder why I turned out this way.


Kerry Rocked

It's a bit of a habit to judge these things on the basis of how Bush did. But, in this debate it's fair to say that Bush was a bit better than he was in the last one, but more importantly... Kerry was a lot better than he was last time.

Lead Balloons at Bad Attitudes:

This election is not about George Bush anymore; most people feel he should be replaced if possible. The election now is about John Kerry, and whether he is a plausible president. (I mean, of course, ready to be president in a personal, not policy sense, because any voter who remains undecided at this point is either uninterested in policy, or unable to understand it. So, all that is left to be decided are the questions of personal impression, chemistry, feel, and aura.)

And, in tonight's debate, John Kerry for the second time delivered. The man looks like our dream of a president: tall, slim, well-spoken, well-informed, with an air of firmness of purpose and inner confidence, and just a little bit (not a lot) better than the rest of us (including George Bush).

And, after tonight, we now know that Kerry is a steady, consistent performer who will win at least a tie in the final debate. In short, we know we can count on John.

Barring an October surprise or catastrophe, John Kerry won the election in St. Louis tonight.

Athenae of First Draft:

Kerry just made a Red Sox joke. And said labels don't mean anything. I love him so much right now. I get it, people who have shrines to John Kennedy in their houses next to pictures of the pope. I GET IT.

Mark Kleiman:

Overall, it looks to me as if Kerry won this big, but didn't hit Bush as hard as he might have on the character/infallibility/detachment from reality issue. No one who just watched him tonight would imagine that he had a reputation for being glum and boring. Once again, he seemed the more Presidential of the two contestants; he hit Bush hard without seeming nasty. Bush acted more like the challenger.

Barbara at The Mahablog:

In any normal world, Kerry would be the winner. I think Bush was losin' it halfway through, nearly hysterical. although he got himself under control by the end.

However, I was relieved that Bush is opposed to the Dred Scot decision. I just hate it when people take slaves into the free-soil territories. (WTF??)

Pacific View:

This magpie calls the second presidential debate for John Kerry. It was pretty much a slam dunk, in fact.

Roger Ailes:


You certainly are, George.

Susan of Suburban Guerrilla:

Man, this one's not even close. I wonder if he's doing coke again?

Talk Left:

John Kerry won, hands down. He had concrete answers. He was Presidential. He showed his knowledge and exposed Bush's mistakes.

Bush was defensive, belligerant and condescending at times. He keeps playing up the fear factor. He doesn't get it. He's detached. He's scary.


Blogger Michael_the_Archangel said...

Y'all thought Kerry won????

Hahahahahahaha!!!! Only in your wildest delusions!

1:27 AM  
Blogger Motherlode said...

Hey Michael_the_Archangel, we may be deluded (not) but you're just downright Halloweenish. We're so polarized I don't see how our differences can be bridged. The sad part is, it didn't have to be this way. After 9/11, Democrats answered the call for unity as no political party has ever before. We swallowed our doubts, we supported the pResident, we squelched most of our protests even as the nation seemed to be veering from the course of pursuing and attacking the 9/11 terrorists, Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban in Afghanistan, to an ill-conceived and troubling diversion in Iraq. We WANTED the pResident to be, and do, right. But the Bushies seized on the opportunity to lie to and mislead Americans in order to enact their domestic legislative agenda and their Project for A New American Century fantasies, and effectively conducted the most partisan and divisive policies in American history.

And now "here we are," as the pResident said in the debate last night. And isn't it a great place to be? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

12:46 PM  

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