Wednesday, November 3


David Savage, the L.A. Times Supreme Court correspondent, was just on NPR offering me a little comfort. He's very skeptical of anyone other than Rehnquist and possibly John Paul Stevens leaving the Court in Bush's second term and providing FuGee with the opportunity to appoint SC justices. He doesn't believe that Sandra Day O'Connor or Ruth Bader Ginsberg has any intention of retiring in the next four years. So, he says, Roe v. Wade is probably safe--since Rehnquist was on the opposite side anyway, any appointment Bush makes to his seat will be a wash and still leave the Court 5-4 (currently 6-3) in favor of retaining abortion rights.

Here's where he sees a difference: separation of church and state issues. These are already mostly 5-4, so a conservative justice could swing it the other way.

Our problems are just beginning...


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