Tuesday, November 16


There's an old saying: "When you're charged with protecting the sheep, don't lie down with wolves." My Christian brethren, those of you who voted for Bush 43, you're going to be sadly disappointed in this pResident. You expected him to be captive to your regressive social agenda, and you've been had. Oh, they'll continue to give you gratifying (but ineffective) lip service, but these BushCo people are the premier pragmatists, and you'd best get that into your heads. They don't care about the same things you do; they only care about winning, and power. And that includes your darling Rick Santorum, who is more concerned with his career than with principle, and isn't above hoaxing the state of Pennsylvania into paying
$100,000 to home-school his six children even though they live in Washington, D.C.

I'm not even genuinely sorry for you. It's been painfully obvious all along that Bush's preference for conservative judges is not to affect cultural regression but to support his soak-the-poor-and-further-enrich-the-wealthy-and-well-connected policies. You caved on the most important election of our time. You chose a morally bankrupt man, a dry (maybe) drunk, a proven liar who cynically promulgates wars and inflicts mass casualties to further his own political ends, a man who remarked, "it'd be a lot easier if this [USA] was a dictatorship," over one of our nation's most serious and faithful servants.

George W. Bush, that fraud, is not going to lead a Christian political revolution in America (thank God -- I don't think He'd approve). He's going to work to ensure an enduring Republican hegemony under which the working classes (and that includes most of us, bub, even if you're making $200,000 a year!) foot the entire bill for government, preserving the investment class as a permanent elite (take THAT, Laura Ingraham). If what you wanted was a spiritual leader, you were looking in the wrong place. Maybe you should have spent more time with the real Christ and less with your lord Bush and his disciples Hannity, Limbaugh and Coulter.

My brothers and sisters, you're going to get what you deserve.

Don't blame me, I voted for Kerry.


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