Tuesday, November 2

Election-Day updates.

In Pennsylvania:

Republican lawyers are claiming there were votes present on the voting machines before the voting began this morning. They claim this occured on four machines. They claim six hundred were on one and fifteen hundred on another. The D.A. is involved. It was said by reporters on CNN that the problem may just be that the Republicans did not understand the machines. It was also said that the votes could have come from a previous mid-term election that had no effect on votes in this election. Who knows?

In Colorado:

A lawsuit was filed by a woman who had not recieved her absentee ballot and wished to vote at the polls.
She was not allowed to cast a vote, under state law, but was denied a provisional ballot guaranteed under a law passed by Congress in 2002. This law was passed in response to the voting fiasco of 2000.
A judge has agreed with her so I assume this means that she will be given an absentee ballot and that others denied the right to vote in this fashion may also be able to vote. There are a ton of higher courts that could over-rule the decision, if indeed a decision was made. All that was said was a judge agreed with the woman. That could mean many things however. The Republican effort to suppress the vote this year is the most sickening subversion of democracy in the United States in more than a hundred years. Remember this: YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW

Here's a great live action report on the elctions.


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