Monday, November 1


Like others, we've started playing the "fill Kerry's Cabinet" game. With the disclaimer that I hesitate to name currently serving Democratic Senators because we will so desperately need them in a Kerry administration, here's my Dream Team (Silmarill, The Sage and Aguamire may dissent):

Secretary of State: Richard Holbrooke (I'd pick Joe Biden, but I think we need him in the Senate as Majority or Minority Leader, replacing Tom Daschle even if he gets re-elected)
Secretary of Defense: Gary Hart, William Perry or Merrill McPeak
National Security Adviser: Rand Beers or Susan Rice
Ambassador to the U.N.: Wesley Clark
Homeland Security Secretary: Max Cleland or Jane Harman
Director of National Intelligence: Gary Hart (if he's not picked for SecDef)
CIA Director: Lee Hamilton
FBI Director: Jamie Gorelick (I'd just love to see John Ashcroft's face if she succeeded him, but I think she might have confirmation problems)
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs: Eric Shinseki
Treasury Secretary: Laura Tyson, currently head of the London Business School
OMB Director: Gene Sperling
Attorney General: Eliot Spitzer or Jennifer Granholm
Labor Secretary: Dick Gephardt
Education Secretary: Jim Hunt or Roy Romer
Transportation Secretary: Jane Garvey
Commerce Secretary: Robert Johnson
Agriculture Secretary: A lot of Texans would like to see Charlie Stenholm rewarded for not switching to the Republican Party, but I really have no opinion
HUD Secretary: Atlanta mayor Shirley Franklin
Health & Human Services Secretary: Howard Dean (I don't think Dean would accept because his family likes living in Vermont)
EPA Administrator: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Interior Secretary: Bill Richardson or Mark Udall
Energy Secretary: Virginia Governor Mark Warner


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