Friday, November 19


John LeBoutillier, a former NY Congressman, has launched his latest project, the Counter-Clinton Library. Not satisfied with a "virtual" library, LeBoutillier is constructing an actual edifice a few blocks down from the real Clinton Library, on the Arkansas River. Sounds like prime real estate to me. I wonder where the funding is coming from?

At any rate, I listened to LeBoot today on the radio telling Sean Hannity's substitute host why he's doing this: to prevent Hillary Clinton from winning the presidency in 2008.

These people are not only sick, demonizing this wonderful woman, wife, mother, and public servant (what did she EVER do to them? try to figure out how to provide health insurance for more Americans? heavens! she's the Antichrist!), but they're crazy. Frankly, Hillary doesn't stand a chance of securing the nomination. We KNOW how crazy they are. I wouldn't want her to get the nomination, not because she wouldn't be a terrific president but because (1) she's too polarizing a figure (though not her fault), and (2) because I'm afraid she wouldn't survive...really. And I value her too much to make her a target for all the crazies in the USA.

Can you imagine some Democratic leader erecting a "Counter-Nixon Library"? I can't. It's the kind of thing that would never occur to us.

Yeah, the Republican Party is the party of VALUES.


Blogger MA said...

As Hillary told Matt Lauer this week, we currently have a very successful polarizing president. Polarizing is no longer a bad thing, and I think she can handle it. I also think that it would be easy to fill an anti Dubya library. How many trees have been killed during his first term from GOP insiders?

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