Wednesday, November 3


There is an entire nation of Democrats wondering, "WTF DO WE DO NOW?"

For my part I am disappointed in myself. I blogged my heart out believing it was making a difference. I was very foolish.

What I will do now is something I guess I never would have ever even considered before. This loss has changed me. I am going to make the cause of country my life's mission. I'm a damn community college student. I can't serve my country by joining the military because the military is in the hands of a madman. I can't get a job doing much of value to our cause ATM, having only two yrs of higher education. AND I CAN'T STAND ASIDE AND LOOK AS MY COUNTRY IS TORN APART and I'm off getting an education to teach fucking English literature! So, as many others are doing I'm asking myself WTF DO I DO NOW? Next year I am going to move to Vermont or wherever I must to help DEMOCRACY FOR AMERICA. The universities in Vermont are probably as great as those in Texas. The Democratic Party, as we know it is dead. If not then it should be. In order to rise from the ashes the phoenix first must die. Dean is trying to change the party from within. He wants to run citizens as candidates for office. And the way I see it the Democratic Party can only be changed in the way it must be by ordinary citizens. If we don't formulate our platform from the grassroots up it will always be inadequate. It will never speak to the majority of Americans. The Republicans have control of every branch of government and will retain it for the foreseeable future. The Democratic Party is a failure. We Democrats are failures. Right now we have nothing to lose. And just see how hard a man will fight when he has nothing to lose. I guess if the majority of Democrats don't agree with each other that the party is a complete failure. That the party has to undergo fundamental change. That there has to be a revolution within the party dogma/bureaucracy. Then nothing will change. How can you fix a problem if you won't admit there is one? Sound familiar? This loss has forced me to a place where I will do more to protect my country and improve its future than I would ever have done. I am so scared for my country and so aware of my love of America that I can no longer just remain quasi-involved. I have to make my country my cause in life.

It isn't just about you and me. It's about a dream we had. America. And the people we love. All of them. Who would want to wake from that dream? I cannot. Who would want to desert their loved ones? Not I. So I, unlike those with which we all so vehemently disagree, will change course when I am proven wrong. When what I have done has not achieved what I believed. When my small efforts are shown to be too small. The die is most definitely cast. And I am there at the bow, face to the horizon with the ocean spray in air;


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