Wednesday, November 3


I just want to say a few words about our candidate, John Kerry. I'm proud of him. He fought valiantly, he didn't cheat or sink to the BC level, he absolutely killed Bush in the debates, and he retained the respect and admiration of many prominent, and powerful, Republican politicians, including some who are probably having heart failure today, having expected Kerry to win and rid them of a intransigent and incompetent president of their own party without them having to renounce Bush themselves and thus troubling their own political waters. He stood tall, SO tall, all during the campaign and completely won this Deaniac over. He would have made a great president.

So don't blame the candidate. He's still a United States Senator, and I believe that having bid for and lost the presidency, he will become an even more aggressive advocate in the upper chamber for all those to whom he told, "I've got your back." He deserves our highest regard, our gratitude, and our prayers.


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