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If they were so concerned about moral values they wouldn't be chuckling along while the drug addicted Rush Limbaugh makes jokes about pornographic images with a knowing nod and wink. They wouldn't so easily forgive their leaders who are divorced two and three times in ugly and cruel circumstances. They wouldn't stand for media personalities who call female employees on the phone and regale them with sexual fantasies. These are the icons of their Republican party and media elite. Yet, they are held to a much lower standard than Michael Moore, who may have said inflammatory things but never to my knowledge actually did anything blatently [sic] immoral or illegal.

If these people were truly concerned about moral values you'd think they'd start at home.
Nope. This is a marketing ploy set forth by the Republican party to exploit the tribal differences between the red and the blue the urban and the rural by creating a very convenient illusion of middle American (read: Republican) moral superiority. It's a crock. They consume just as much of this allegedly toxic culture as anybody else in this country. They just lie about it.

Every time I hear the holier-than-thou Sean Hannity interviewing moral deficients such as Dick Morris, Rudy Giuliani (who kept his mistress in the NY Governor's mansion along with his wife and children) or the thrice-married Newt Gingrich and commiserating with them about the decadent liberals, I want to throw up. A cultural revolution, or "evangelical revolution" as envisioned by Jerry Falwell, cannot be led by such men or women. Do you "Christian" right-wingers really believe God would anoint such people?

What was that thing we learned in Girl Scout camp about when you point your finger at someone, your fist is pointing three fingers back at yourself?


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