Tuesday, November 23


Dems try, fail to overturn Repug overtime regulations. This is your president, Republicans. He'd rather shut down the government than permit hard-working wage-earning Americans to retain their right to overtime pay. That's values for you.

An attempt to block the Bush administration's proposed changes in overtime rules was killed before the 2005 spending bill received final congressional approval over the weekend.

Democrats attached an amendment to the Senate's version of the bill that would have overturned the overtime regulations, which went into effect in August. The amendment, which would have prevented any worker previously covered by overtime from losing that protection, was deleted in a conference committee.

The White House had threatened to veto the entire $388 billion spending bill if the overtime amendment was included.

Favorite bumper sticker of the week: Support unions, the folks who gave you WEEKENDS. Better enjoy them before Bush takes that away, too.


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