Tuesday, November 9


I've been toying with this idea, but she beat me to it: Democrats should elect John Kerry to be the new Senate Minority Leader.

John Kerry probably has more influential Republican Senators as close personal friends than any other Democratic Senator. He's the peacemaking type, in the GOOD sense (not sacrificing important principles to do so). He now has an extremely high profile, so news outlets and citizens will pay more attention when he talks. He can take risks other Dem politicians might not (he's incredibly rich, so what can they do to him?). As our presidential nominee, he IS the standard-bearer of our party now. He's a true moderate, certainly not the raving liberal he was made out to be by Karl Rove, so he can relate to all sides (just as long as he TAKES ours!). He's strong on fiscal discipline and national security, the areas where Republicans are most vulnerable (boy, I never thought I'd get to say THAT). And we know the Senate Repugs really aren't going to do much about that execrable social agenda of their base, really. They might like to persuade their hometown folks that they're pious as all-get-out, but they want abortion legal and handy if their minor daughter gets pregnant; they want quickie divorce when the career is over and the idea of a trophy wife looks good; they want their gay nephew/son/daughter/whatever not to suffer prejudice or discrimination. But I digress.

Yeah. The more I think about it, the more I like it. It may not play in Peoria, but he'd be by far the most effective choice. Kerry for Senate Minority Leader.


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