Sunday, November 14


Still catching up from my most recent trip and anticipating next week in Charlotte, via Sysiphus Shrugged Amy Goodman v. Tucker Carlson:

Goodman: We look at the record, a very sad record when it came to the invasion and occupation of Iraq, the coverage. There was a simple icing out of a -- Of dissent. That is the greatest disservice in this country to the service men and women of this country. I go back to -- We write about in the exception to the rule, that title, "the exception to the rulers" should be what all media is. Not the motto of "Democracy Now!". We should be the exception to the rulers. There is a reason why our profession, journalism, is the only one that's explicitly protected by the U.S. constitution. We are supposed to be the check and balance on government. We are not supposed to be a megaphone for those in power. During the Persian Gulf, 10 years ago, that's when the media landscape -- NBC was owned by General Electric and still is. CBS was owned by Westinghouse. General Electric and Westinghouse, two of the major nuclear weapons manufacturers in the world making most of the parts for most of the weapons in the Persian Gulf, I don't think it was any accident what we watched on television was a military hardware show. But even during that time I did have the opportunity --

Carlson: They also make medical equipment for the record.

She's one of my soulmates.


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