Friday, November 19


This is a discussion that needs to take place on a broader basis among progressives/Democrats. TAPPED debates: Should Dems should come out swinging on Capitol Hill or fight their battles more discreetly?

I'm firmly of the opinion that we should fight, fight, fight. I don't mean nastily, I don't mean unethically, I don't mean the way that Repugs fight. I mean speak out boldly and without pulling punches, I mean use every weapon in our arsenal to expose them and their agenda for what it truly is.

Lying back and playing nice with the Repugs has never worked. They interpret it as weakness, and like sharks smelling blood in the water, redouble their efforts to be uni-partisan and destroy our party and its supporters. How can we forget the past four years? How can we forget 2002? After 9/11, Democrats were the party of national unity, of trying to forge bipartisan approaches to the nation's problems. Repugs not only kicked us in the teeth for our troubles, they lied about it and said WE were the party of disunity.

Most recent example: John Kerry was gracious in his concession and the party leadership has been all-but-silent as they grieve, regroup and re-evaluate. Yet the right-wing yahoos have never been more vociferous than now in their screeching at the top of their lungs on radio, Fox TV, and everywhere else the ugliest and most contentious things about us and what poor losers we are for not just bowing down to worship at the shrine of Furious George and his Fourth Reichians.

You cannot play with the schoolyard bully. He only plays if he gets everything his own way, and even then, he wants you to eat dirt.


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