Tuesday, December 14


Interesting newly discovered blog. A former GOP activist bares his soul (and in my opinion, deserves a welcome redemption).

You see, thanks to Republican brainwashing I believed the lies Rush Limbaugh had told me about their positions. I believe in fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, and personal freedom. It turns out the Democratic Party is the only party representing those values. Republicans say they are, but it's just another sleazy lie. Republicans are the ones responsible for the current deficits, Republicans are the ones leaving corporations unaccountable, Republicans are the ones taking away my freedoms and liberties via the Patriot Act.
The right knows it can misrepresent any policy that's bad for ordinary Americans into a reason to keep the establishment in power. Observe the following...
Problem: With total Republican control of all three branches of government, never in our history has this nation been so in debt.
Right Wing Lie: Shamelessly exploit 9/11
The Republican Party is a cancer, and the populace of this nation must rise up and stop them.

This is just one person, but "from a single acorn, a mighty oak did grow."

Thank God for serious, courageous, independent thinkers.


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