Friday, December 31


Not my best effort, but I'm depressed.

Sung to the tune of The Christmas Song:

Unemployment lines are stretching now,
Job security is gone.
As to Iraq and the things our troops lack --
These issues all bring on a yawn

“Cause they’re never wrong,
These Bushies and their sycophants.
Their agenda is quite clear:
Working families don’t rate in their scheme,
They’ll find it hard to eat next year.

They thought that Bushie was their guy,
He told them fear the conflagration in the sky.
He said it’s Clinton’s fault that many died,
And it’s your duty now as citizens to buy.

And so he offered you this simple phrase:
“To feed the rich will help the poor.”
You bought it, he won, and now wait for the dun --
Happy goodbye, two thousand four.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone care to compare the leading economic indicators(GDP, inflation, unemployment, etc) of the 1st term of Clinton to the 1st term of Bush??

Bush wins...Clinton never saw 4% growth...Bush has already exceeded that number...unemployment & inflation are almost identical for both.

So, when you talk about rich vs poor you might actually want to look at the economic data before criticizing Bush.

9:14 AM  

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