Saturday, December 18


Oh dear. Thanks to Atrios (look at the Social Security Wall of Shame at the top), I've become aware that my hometown Congressman, Democrat Allen Boyd of Florida, has stepped forward to support Bush's plan to privatize Social Security.

I must have about 150 relatives (I'm only counting the close ones) in his district, besides being a family friend of the Democratic mayor of its second largest city. Six of them will be arriving Sunday to spend Christmas with us in Dallas.

You can just bet he'll be hearing from all of them, if I have to write the letters myself.

THERE IS NO SOCIAL SECURITY CRISIS. Only when lumped in with other entitlement programs Medicare and Medicaid is there a problem. SOCIAL SECURITY is one of the greatest achievements of modern American politics -- IT WORKS. Paul Krugman points out that where it's been tried, privatization hasn't.

UPDATE: Thinking of this bozo reminded me of his predecessor Earl Hutto, Democratic Congressman from the same district for 16 years (till 1995). Earl was a close friend of my dad's. I'll never forget the time he stopped by Mama and Daddy's riverfront weekend home to visit on his way to a major political gathering. Earl fell off the dock, completely drenching his suit, and had to wear Daddy's "fish camp" duds to his speech. Didn't bother him a'tall.

Earl, I'm waiting to hear from you about this manufactured Social Security crisis. You're still highly respected in the district -- denounce this quisling now, please.


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