Thursday, January 13


Via The Smirking Chimp, Brian Morton: 'Mind the gap':

Conservatives of the hard-right used to slander anyone contesting the Bush administration's War on Abstract Noun as "objectively pro-terrorist."

Well, President George W. Bush's nominee for attorney general has come out as "objectively pro-torture." One might even say the whole administration is "objectively pro-lawbreaking." Think about it--can you name any other time and any other administration that has violated the law so rampantly, freely, with impunity and no consequences? No public opprobrium, no investigations, no firings, no censures?
Our government talks about "freedom" and "democracy" to the world while its policies promote torture, encourage graft, dismiss lawbreaking, revel in cronyism, and foster government run for the few and by the few, in secret. Soon, the nation's top law-enforcement official will be a man who "objectively" believes that the president can override the law and immunize his policy-makers from criminal prosecution.


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