Tuesday, January 18


Unbelievable. It's the "Dean scream" all over again.

Why oh WHY won't the media just report NEWS (you know, facts, not opinion) and let us Dems select our own leaders? I'm beginning to think there's a true-life conspiracy at work: Al Gore, Howard Dean and John Kerry are depicted as lying, opportunistic buffoons (evidence to the contrary!) and George W. Bush as a strong, principled statesman (ALL evidence to the contrary). It can't all be coincidence.

No, it's not a conspiracy, but it's not coincidence either. It's a pattern that started during the 1992 presidential race and has continued since. Democrats are fair game; Bushies and their associates are not.

I thought the media was somewhat contrite after their unfair, unbalanced, mega-repetitive airings of the "Dean scream" derailed his candidacy. They KNEW what they were doing, but like the kid who can't resist whacking the telephone poles until the power goes out and he runs down the street crying, "I did it! I did it! But I didn't MEAN IT!" they seemed a little sheepish after the fact. Now I know just how wrong I was. The millionaire journalists (and those trying to get there) are afraid, or at least mightily intimidated, to tell the truth about BushCo. But they've GOT to have a story, right? That leaves only Democrats as a target.

Soros, Gates Sr., and the rest of the billionaires repelled by this administration should put their money into alternative media. If we can't get our message out, the whole nation is doomed. Of course, the doom and its ensuing suffering will probably re-educate citizens as it exposes the criminal actions of BushCo, and events may eventually restore sanity to the electorate. But as Democrats, we take no pleasure in saying "I told you so" -- we'd much rather avoid the holocaust altogether.


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