Tuesday, January 11


I was wondering how the right-wing talk yahoos would deal with the end of the WMD hunt, and its yield of bupkes.

The answer's the same as it's been when every Iraq Survey Group chief quit and came home, disputing nearly every pre-war assertion. Let's use Dallas KLIF host Greg Knapp as an example: We DID find weapons -- we found a nuclear centrifuge buried in a scientist's rose garden! The weapons could have been, and probably were, moved pre-invasion to Syria or other Middle Eastern countries. And anyway, if the Iraqis could bury a dozen MIGs in the sand, they could surely have hidden WMD in the same manner. Besides, WMD wasn't the only justification for the invasion, just one of many. Bush couldn't have been expected to conduct his own intelligence -- so it's George Tenet's fault for telling Bush that WMD was a "slam dunk" rationale for the war. And oh! almost forgot! the British stood by their story about Saddam seeking to buy yellowcake uranium, so THAT's obviously true, and that's more evidence Saddam was reconstituting WMD, in particular his nuclear ambitions.

EVERY SENATOR AND CONGRESSMAN BELIEVED THE SAME THING BUSH BELIEVED ABOUT SADDAM'S WMD. And of course, every one of those politicians was privy to the same information as the CIA and BushCo. Don't even suggest that they were so naive as to believe the representations of Bush, Cheney, and Powell -- these Democrats just hate George Bush so much they wouldn't believe him if he said up was down (oops!), I mean up was up. They're just irrational in their hatred. Why do they hate America? We KNOW Saddam had WMD! He used them on his own people! There were links between Saddam and Al Qaeda! We found three Abous in Iraq when we got there! They had to shut down a couple of terrorist training camps when we invaded! (Don't ever try to explain how Saddam had no hegemony over Kurdish territory, the locus of all these events. These guys are too geopolitically savvy not to understand -- they just choose not to share that information with their listeners.)

Caller has a fabulous point! If we can't find Jimmy Hoffa, DB Cooper, WMD or Osama, then THEY MUST NOT HAVE EXISTED. Wow, that's sarcasm at its best! Let's all laugh at those stupid, immoral lefties for their ridiculous reasoning.


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