Friday, January 14


In the interests of full disclosure:

(1) One of the contributors to this site, Aguamire, who has posted primarily about University of Florida football (shows how fair-minded we are since the rest of us are FSU fanatics), was once a paid employee of the Kerry-Edwards campaign. No one associated with the campaign had any idea that Aguamire was a relative of the writers of the notorious (not!) blog No More Apples, and I suspect that if they had, they'd have paid him extra to stay away from his good old aunt, uncle and cousin.

(2) I am the primary writer of No More Apples, and I get my paycheck from a Fortune 250 company whose senior management team is 100% Republican. If they knew I authored this blog, they would shrug and say, "So what else is new? That's ------ (my real name)." In light of Zealous Zephyr Teachout's crusade, I feel I should disclose that they influence my opinions of Repugs by their humanity and their strong record of integrity and transparency in their business dealings. They motivate me to continue to reach out to the decent wing of the Republican Party. So I guess you could say (appropos Teachout's reasoning) that they make it possible for me to continue this blog (but not for the purpose of influencing it, since they don't know it exists).


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