Thursday, January 6


The Crime of November 2:

In breaking news, the team now has in its possession an official Franklin County Board of Election document entitled "Machine Assignments for General Election 2004" showing the serial numbers of 76 machines, all in Democrat-rich Columbus, that were blacked out and kept in the warehouse or on trucks during the election, while thousands of inner city voters stood in the rain. Conversely, none of the machines designated for Republican-dominated suburbs were blacked out on the list and held back. 
In our previous piece, we presented what we found to be ten of the largest vote-counting irregularities in the conduct of Ohio's election.  Embodied in those ten irregularities are more than enough votes to have shifted the Ohio tally from George W. Bush to John Kerry.

Senators Boxer and Feingold have indicated that they MIGHT join Rep. Conyers of Michigan in his protest against certifying Ohio electors for Bush. PLEASE, PUH-LEEZE, all you Democratic Senators, DON'T LEAVE OUR COURAGEOUS BLACK CONGRESSMEN AND WOMEN hanging again as in 2000!

Are the only politicians left with guts of the African-American variety? Perhaps their struggle for civil rights has toughened them up, unlike our largely-spineless Caucasian representatives.

UPDATE: Boxer has agreed!!!


Blogger HL said...

I guess we would have to say Senator Boxer has redefined what it means to "have balls." The rest of the the pack, What can you say? Kerry is on fishing trip--well at least it smells that way.

"It takes radical actions to preserve freedom."

11:19 AM  

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