Friday, January 28


KOS asks, "What's the problem with Hillary? and he doesn't mean Hillary IS the problem.

There's been a lot of anti-Hillary flack from lefties lately because of her recent remarks about the abortion issue, and I think that's wrong. I didn't agree with every single word out of her mouth (in particular, I don't think that abortion is ALWAYS a moral tragedy), but her statement was in general a very good argument. Like Andrew Sullivan, I especially appreciated her expressions of respect to those who, because of moral and religious reasons, are on the other side of this issue. Practically every member of my extended family is a part of that group, and though I disagree with their stance, they're not yahoos or haters and I honor their convictions, as they do mine.

Hillary is one of my favorite women in public life and though I've been frustrated with quite a few of her votes as Senator (e.g., regarding Iraq) she deserves our admiration and appreciation. I've never understood why she evokes such animosity and downright hatred among so many Americans.

(I think this is the second time I've agreed with Andrew Sullivan publicly on this blog. Don't worry, he's still linked under "The Opposition.")


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