Monday, January 17


A good short explanation of why Howard Dean is the best choice for DNC Chair:

I believe people aren't really looking for a party with which they match up on every single issue on the ideological scale, and that's why shifting positions to gain people won't work. People are looking for a vision of the country with which they can identify. People want guts, more than anything, they want a strong pole to hang on to during a storm.

Democrats, people -- hell, mammals -- are attracted to Dean because he offers that vision, clearly and proudly, unashamedly. Listening to him, even if you disagree with something he says, you know he means it, you know he believes it. And the attitude he has that you can take it or leave it only makes that more admirable. He lost, he got knocked down, and you know what he spent the next months doing? He could have spent it giving whiny speeches about how nobody understood him and everybody was so mean and hey, who threw gum in his hair AGAIN?!!

He spent it getting Democrats elected. Which is what we need the chair of the DNC to do.


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