Sunday, January 2

Just watched the most-boring-ever segment of MTP with Little Tim. Only livening moment: David Broder called James Dobson of Focus On The Family, "in the words of Colin Powell, a 'Rolodex Ranger' -- one of those guys you call when you want trouble stirred up."

Joe Lieberman on This Week told Steph that "everyone he talked to in Iraq" wants the U.S. military out EVENTUALLY, but not now. When our guys don't even dare to leave the safety of the Green Zone, approximately how many ordinary Iraqis do you suppose they're exposed to, that is, Iraqis not emplioyed by the U.S. in some fashion?

Lieberman also said it's no secret that he agrees with many of Bush's policies and that he could serve George Bush much better from the Democratic side of the Senate aisle, and that's why he won't take a job in the administration. Now that's REALLY a LOYAL "opposition."


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