Tuesday, January 25


Madness in High Places.

The crazies are confident that the lessons they've learned politically (i.e., how to use Christian fundamentalism to gain "political capital" to promote a program of indefinite war throughout Muslim Southwest Asia) will produce smoother regime-change in Syria and Iran. And even if we don't, they may ask themselves, what's wrong with the worst-case scenario?

Say in 2008 there are 300,000 US troops deployed from Afghanistan and Iran to Syria and Lebanon, holding some key cities, losing 20 KIA every day. That's a small price to pay for US strategic control over the region, which can in fact occur in a climate of what "Dr. Strangelove" Rumsfeld calls "creative chaos." It will take a generation to reform the Arabs and prepare them [to] embrace an American-style political setup ("democracy"). Maybe the world will turn on us completely, and accuse us of Nazi-like aggression. Maybe we'll have to pull out of the UN to display our contempt for those foreign pissants. So what? So think the madmen.

I don't think for one moment that George W. Bush has seriously considered, or deliberated, in his own mind the consequences of his rhetoric or actions. This is a man who doesn't want to hear bad news. It might "shake his faith," I suppose.

What can we expect during the next four years? More and more I'm convinced that the amazing and frightening disconnect this administration suffers from reality will either lead us to (1) the very armageddon the Christian Right longs for, but which will in reality be as painful for us Americans as for the rest of the world; or (2) a complete repudiation of Bush, and thus the Republican Party, policies that will guarantee a Democratic majority for some decades hence.

God help us towards the latter scenario before we perish. We progressives take no pleasure in catastrophe. It's our children who will suffer the consequences of this disastrous course written in our blood, and that of our fellow men.

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