Thursday, January 13


(With apologies to Kris Kristofferson and “Billy Dee”)

Here comes January and Inauguration Day,
Bush will celebrate in style while corporations pay.
But there is a way that we can make the parties less sublime
If we all resolve to call in sick and spend not one damn dime.
They may think that it makes sense when we’re engaged in war
To spend those tens of millions on the rich instead of poor;
We’ve one good chance to spoil their act, expose their pantomime --
Let’s shut the retail system down and spend not one damn dime.

Going his own stubborn way and speaking lying words,
Bush has plain forgotten every warning that he heard.
Now we’re losing forces every day, their armor is a crime,
We’ve billions for the wealthy, for the warriors not a dime.
It’s a coronation for our Boy King and his Veep.
The fact the world’s in crisis doesn’t cost them any sleep;
Their wallet is the only thing that keeps these guys in line.
On January twenty let’s not spend a single dime.

It’s useless to protest, you say, for no-one even cares;
But what will ever change, I say, if no-one ever dares?
The little that we do to say: you guys are evil slime,
Will get us into practice when it’s confrontation time.
All around our nation and our world the cries abound,
But Bush’s ears are tuned into a different kind of sound.
Like Scrooge and Midas, only money makes that joyful chime,
So let the silent protest flow, and DON’T SPEND ONE DAMN DIME.


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