Monday, January 17


Since speculation is already rife re candidates for president '08, I thought it was appropriate to review the successful presidential campaigns of the past century. Note the most recent offices held by each of the electees:

George W. Bush - Governor
Bill Clinton - Governor
George H.W. Bush - Vice President
Ronald Reagan - Governor
Jimmy Carter -Governor
Gerald Ford - Vice President (appointed, non-elected)
Richard Nixon - ex-Vice President
Lyndon Johnson - Vice President
John F. Kennedy - Senator
Dwight D. Eisenhower - General
Harry S Truman - Vice President
Franklin D. Roosevelt - Governor
Herbert Hoover - Secretary of Commerce
Calvin Coolidge - Governor
Warren G. Harding - Senator
Woodrow Wilson - Governor
William H. Taft - Secretary of War
Theodore Roosevelt - Vice President
William McKinley - Governor

Isn't it apparent that governors and Vice Presidents (as many by inheritance as by election) have the best chance of becoming POTUS? I won't delve into the "whys" right now -- I need sleep desperately! But suffice it to say, forget Kerry, Edwards and Hillary for '08. In fact, forget McCain, who some pundits see as invulnerable in the next election! Think Dean. And keep an open mind to new faces -- not Congressional ones, but Governors. Governors have executive experience, don't have a Congressional record to explain or defend, and are "outside the Beltway," which many (or maybe most) Americans interpret as independent of "business-as-usual" thinking and/or obligations.

'nuff said for now.


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