Friday, January 14


I was an almost-founding subscriber to Mother Jones, that's how long I've been following the magazine. But I have never read a more compelling article in its folds than this one: Falluja: City Without a Future? There is now nothing more desolate in Iraq than what we've created in Falluja.

Read it and weep.


Blogger Asheesh Kapur Siddique said...

Agreed. Extremely compelling. Mother Jones is one of the best of the liberal magazines because of its tendency toward the investigative. Also, its website rocks. I would like, however, to point out that two recent cover stories in Mother Jones have been truly fantastic as well: Peter Bergen's "The Wrong War" (July / August 2004 issue) and Richard Dreyfuss and Jason Vest's "The Lie Factory" (January / February 2004 issue). I wish they were monthly (like the American Prospect) instead of bimonthly, but I realize that it takes significant time and effort to do the type of highly detailed and rich investigative journalism that they do. MJ fills a great need in this movement.

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