Wednesday, January 12


I just got a call from the "Dove Foundation." Caller ID failed me here, I have a tendency to link the word "dove" with Christian, so took the call. Boy did I make a mistake.

The caller sounded like a bright, energetic, white Midwestern U.S. young man. He started by qualifying me as a mother or grandmother who has seen at least one of her progeny twice in the past month. OK, that's a yes. He stuck to his script, which asked me if I agreed with various generic loaded statements I can't quite remember but were something like, Do you believe Hollywood doesn't produce family movies. Would I like more family movies. I asked him how he defined family movies, but he ignored me and went straight back to the script. More disorienting questions related to "family" issues, more requests for definition on my part and evasions on the part of the caller. He finally gave up on me and our business was done.

I did a little Googling, and I like some of the comments but am spooked by the organization.


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