Friday, January 28


Common Dreams has a piece asking, Do you feel guilty for the sins of Bush and Blair?"

I don't know about you, but I don't believe in collective guilt. I didn't vote for Bush either time, in fact opposed him bitterly, so I don't feel a single twinge of guilt. I opposed the invasion of Iraq, loudly, to everyone I know, and continue to scream bloody murder about his subsequent moves and policies, both foreign and domestic. I'm not about to assume responsibility for the actions of people I abhor and deride. Instead, I feel outrage, I feel sorrow.

Had I, like so many Germans did during the Hitler years, ducked my head and ignored what's been going on; had I pretended at work or church that I was a good conservative girl or held my tongue when I heard misinformation repeated; had I not proudly sported stop the war and John Kerry for President bumperstickers and slapped a Kerry sign in my yard (did I mention I live in Dallas?); had I not donated all I could to defeat this detestable administration; THEN I might feel guilt.

I'm very very sorry I didn't do more, but I am not the one who sent our young men and women into a disastrous war that would endanger their lives and cost those of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis, nor did I support him in doing so. I don't even want to see Bush supporters assuming guilt that should rightfully be planted at the feet of George Bush and his pals. Let those pro-Bushies acknowledge their complicity in enabling the Resident's sins and repent and be forgiven for that. But don't pretend that they bear the same guilt as Bush himself. That's letting him off way way way too easy. I'd much rather those people put their regrets into an anger so great that it would spin the Bush foulness into the darkness forever. Guilty people brood; brooding won't chase the neocons and their puppets out of town on a rail.

I'm much more inclined to shout, "J'accuse!" than to sport sackcloth and ashes. How about you?


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