Sunday, January 16


This is getting really ugly. I haven't been able to get my AmericaBlog fix in two days (John's so frustrated he's considering getting a Mac -- a reflection of his good sense), and LiveJournal was also having problems so for a while it knocked out Sisyphus Shrugged (Julia) and others I count on for intellectual and emotional sustenance.

For John in DC (AmericaBlog):

Oh Lord, won't you replace this pesky PC,
"Cause Blogger don't like it, I need to be set free.
My readers are panicked, they all want me back,
So oh Lord, won't you buy me a new mini Mac.

(All together now)

Oh Lord, we're a pitiful, John-deprived brood,
Without him we're starving, we're coming unglued.
Prove that you love us and get him a Mac,
And oh Lord, while you're at it, give Blogger a whack.

If it were only a Mac-Safari world. (Sigh)


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