Thursday, February 3


Call me a bit cynical about Bush's sudden concern for at-risk youths and justice in death-penalty cases

History's working against me here. So is the bubble of unreality the man lives in. He's going to appoint Stepford Wife LAURA BUSH to lead a national effort to "keep young people out of gangs," by giving them positive models to emulate??? I'd be highly surprised if Laura herself has a clear idea of a positive male role model considering the men in her life and their behavior, morals and ethics. Who the heck believes that she has a glimmer of understanding of what forces drive kids into gangs? I suppose we'll be seeing photo ops of Laura serving tea and lemonade to greasy, profane kids from the West Dallas projects while she reads them poetry.

Bush's callous support of executions for the mentally retarded and his cursory review of death penalty cases while Governor of Texas, don't incline me to take seriously his newfound determination to prevent executions of the innocent.

It's a sop to those Republicans that still have a heart.


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