Wednesday, February 2


Just heard Dennis Kucinich absolutely shut Sean Hannity DOWN. I have NEVER heard any guest perform so well, especially in response to Hannity's standard and puerile, "Answer me this question. Are we better off with Saddam gone?" (That's Sean's punchline to any argument he isn't winning.)

The downside was Kucinich's suck-up departure, when he told Sean how much he respected and admired him.


Blogger Ogie said...

How can I get a transcript of that show. I've gone to his site and his network's site and for some reason you cannot access any of his shows except what they consider the best of Sean. (Is that an oxy-moron?)

Any ideas??


P.S. Thom Hartmann on the other hand had complete access, allowing you to listen to ALL of his past shows. I wonder if Sean feels like someone might try to use his words against him?

8:30 AM  
Blogger Motherlode said...

You've got me, Ogie -- I've tried and can't find the transcript. I'm now trying to get hold of a recording of some kind; if I succeed, I'll transcribe and post it.

Sean is like most of the wing nuts -- he has an aversion to truth and openness.

1:06 PM  

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