Wednesday, February 2


I am, reluctantly, watching belatedly the SOTU. God help us. The Democrats are standing up, with the Republicans, on many applause moments. What are they thinking?

I just heard great (Demo) moans in response to Bush's Social Security remarks. Good going. Huge applause on the Repug side. He cites prominent Dem's past quotes re the urgency of "fixing" Social Security.

Thank God, the ovations are now split Repub (in favor) and Dem (sitting). But why are any Dems applauding, even if not standing?

Bush anticipates many arguments against his SS "reform" plans, avowing his plan (though not explained how) will not threaten benefits.

He supports a constitutional amendment in favor or "marriage."

Dana Reeve (Chris Reeve's widow) is in the audience. Why?

Anti-Gang plans. Laura will lead the effort.

He's in favor of doing something about AIDS.

In favor of DNA to avoid wrongful convictions.

We've removed a lot of Al Qaeda leaders. We're staying on the offensive until they're defeated.

I thank the Congress for providing our armed forces with the tools they need.

I'm sick of this. "The peace we seek" -- get real.


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