Sunday, February 6


Why does Bush hate veterans?

President Bush's budget would more than double the co-payment charged to many veterans for prescription drugs and would require some to pay a new fee of $250 a year for the privilege of using government health care, administration officials said Sunday.

The proposals, they said, are in the $2.5 trillion budget that Mr. Bush plans to unveil on Monday. White House officials said the budget advanced his goal of cutting the deficit, which hit a record last year.
The proposals to increase charges to veterans face stiff opposition from veterans organizations, Democratic members of Congress and some Republicans.

Darn straight. Veterans groups should be screaming bloody murder on every media outlet possible. I'd like to hear every military family in the country cease with the "bless our beloved Prez" rhetoric and face the truth: your sons and daughters, husbands and wives are nothing more than cannon fodder for this despicable administration that thinks it's more important to enrich the already-rich than to treat the men and women of our armed forces with the respect and appreciation they deserve. I'm reminded of Annette Benning's character in American President saying to Michael Douglas something like, "Congratulations for submarining important environmental legislation so you can pass a crime bill that has no chance of diminishing crime." In like manner I say to George W. Bush, "Congratulations on impoverishing more hard-working, worthy Americans so that you can balance a budget that has no chance of balancing as long as you continue to cut taxes on the richest of our citizens."

How does he do it? How does this travesty of a president so mesmerize people to support him when every day comes with a new outrage?


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Jus' bein' one of them "As stupid as I wanna' be."

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