Friday, February 18


Listened to part of Dallas radio 570 KLIF's "Smackdown" event on my commute home yesterday. It was actually pretty funny, Alan Colmes versus wingnuts Darrell Ankarlo, Greg Knapp and Glenn Beck. I must say, Colmes did very well considering it was three against one, and he has the softest voice. I did grind my teeth on more than one occasion when he was speaking, but overall, not bad. Glenn Beck was mean-spirited, loud and boorish. Greg Knapp was "moderator" and actually tried a little moderating. Ankarlo was his usual up-and-down self, one minute almost charming, the next 15 trying to use volume alone to overcome his opponent.

Colmes held his own not because the other guys were generous enough to give him a chance to balance the arguments. They weren't. He used their brief pauses for breath to great effect, such as when Glenn Beck screamed, "Republicans believe in something, Democrats believe in NOTHING," Colmes came right back with, "We believe in something, Glenn, and you know it. Just because we don't agree with YOU doesn't mean we believe in nothing," not a memorable or profound statement, but at least it reverberated out there in the audience along with Beck's attempt to foster another conservative mantra. (If Colmes could play with these guys, why can't he do better with Sean Hannity, who is not nearly as well informed -- or misinformed -- or articulate as any one of the three?)

Why is it, lately, that all programs feature a 3-to-1 conservative advantage? I realize this event was sponsored by a conservative radio talk show, but the percentages seem to hold true on CNN, MSNBC, NPR and PBS as well.

Switched during commercial to Michael Savage, whom I almost NEVER listen to, and was shocked at his diatribe against Bush and the Republicans for getting us into this awful war and then not supporting our fighting men and women. He was particularly enraged at Bush's failure to rescue Marine Corps 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano, who could face the death penalty if convicted of charges of premeditated murder made against him last week. (He shot two unarmed Iraqis during a mission.)

Savage was railing against a whole host of Bush/Repug policies, his bottom line being that at least with the demonic, traitorous Democrats you know what they'll do, whereas the Repugs say one thing and do another. He was very obviously depressed, talking about how he might not be doing his show any longer since he's not making a difference and has no power to affect the course of the administration. A caller commiserated with him, he's turned against Bush, etc. For a brief moment of naivete, I thought, If the Repugs lose these guys -- it took about a micro-second for me to shut off the thought. They hate and despise Democrats. Where else are they going to go? They may rant and rave about conservatives being betrayed by Republicans, but in the end, that's where their votes will go.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course we vote republican - you pretty much hit the nail on the head. We'd like Bush and the party to do a bit more than we are seeing, but at least they are doing something. With the dumocrats all we get is rolling over a peeing on ourselves, bowing to Europe, raising taxes and wasting money on "social programs" (most of which don't work - witness the 'war on poverty'). We'd like to see some changes but NOT through the baby out with the bath water which we all know will happen if we give the ball back to the dumocrats.

12:35 AM  
Blogger niebuhrian said...

First, if you are going to an entire party dumb, then at least use your name. Second, jingoistic rhetoric about the "greatness" of America is overrated and unnecessary. I don't call "at least they are doing something" a plan in the right direction. As for "wasting money on 'social programs,'" try sending your kids to school without one; try feeding a vast cross-section of people earning minimum wage (a wage that hasn't kept up with the increases in inflation for the last seven years); try paying off a national debt that has almost doubled in the last four years from $4T to $8T, or will your great great great grandkids still be worrying about that? By the way, "you throw the baby out" not "through it out" if you had a better social program in school you might have known that...

10:22 PM  

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