Wednesday, February 2


Oh puh-leeeze!!! Seems the Virginia legislature has tentatively approved a new license plate motto:

With only a week left to act on all legislation introduced by their respective members, the House and Senate yesterday argued over matters ranging from “traditional marriage” license plates to state budget procedures.

The House of Delegates squabbled before tentatively endorsing the special state plates that would include the capital-letter words “TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE,” as well as a symbol, two interlocked golden wedding bands over a red heart.

Del. L. Scott Lingamfelter, R-Prince William, who sponsored the legislation, said it would merely embrace 4,000 years of history on marriage and show children that “traditional marriage is fundamental.”

Whatever happened to "Virginia Is For Lovers"? Sounds so much sweeter, so much more like a place I'd like to visit. Husbands and wives are lovers too, you know!

Hat tip to Waldo Jaquith via Wonkette.


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