Wednesday, March 9


So an ex-Marine who participated in the capture of Saddam Hussein now tells us that they found Saddam in a "modest house," not hiding in a hole as was previously claimed, and that during "fierce resistance," he himself fired on the Marines before being persuaded it was futile. Is there ANYTHING about this godforsaken war that hasn't been fabricated or "enhanced for our viewing pleasure"? Jessica Lynch, take note.

Via Atrios.

"Holy cow, we don't want anyone to know the old guy tried to go down fighting. Okay, let's put him in the well. He'll get dirty and make a better visual when we pull him out. And better put a stash of cash down there with him as well. This way he'll look like a mercenary coward and ruin his preferred image as the new 'Saladin.' It'll all play so much better in the press."


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