Friday, March 4


I've been suffering blogger withdrawal since the past weekend. I was in the field on a film project, and had no Internet access since I fried my Apple G3 laptop Sunday night. HOWEVER, I am as of today the proud owner of a new G4 laptop with 17" monitor and will resume posting immediately after I get home tonight. Yes, it's a very heavy laptop to lug around, but I don't do that much lugging: it usually sits on my lap while I'm sitting with the fam as they watch TV. And the larger monitor and keyboard are worth the weight to me.

Anyway, I can't wait to catch up on what's been happening in the world and throw my two cents in when my outrage reaches a certain level. You know, when I was a young thing and horrified by the Vietnam War and the status of civil rights in our nation, at some point I recognized that my mental and emotional health were suffering, and I quit reading newspapers and news magazines. It's occurred to me more than once over the past almost-two-years that I'd probably be a much happier person if I would turn off the computer and cable news channels. I thought shortly before the 2004 presidential election that I would most likely close down this blog after the inauguration of John Kerry. But that event didn't take place, the outrages of the Bush administration and the Republican Party continue even more intensely, and I can't seem to turn the other way.

So for at least the foreseeable future, at least, I'm back. Hope that's OK with you.


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