Tuesday, April 5


Wow. I was just checking over my posts over the week before The Sage's heart attack just to refresh my memory on what I was thinking at that time and came upon this next-to-last entry. It is especially poignant considering what transpired just a few days later.

In my busy, complex life (probably similar to many of my readers), I sometimes don't remember from one day to the next what I've written. Isn't that the original purpose of many blogs, to record our myriad, often stream-of-consciousness musings? Well, in my case, it has to be. I characteristically use my blog for personal, immediate expression and communication to my closest friends and loved ones, most often on political and religious issues but sometimes just to record for my own memory my own feelings or experiences as I would in a diary or journal.

At any rate, I find that it is not only the professional, profound or erudite blogs that touch my life and influence my heart and mind, but the human touches that those same blogs periodicially record. Susie of Suburban Guerrilla, Barbara of Mahablog, and even many of the lefties guy bloggers interject their human feelings and reactions to current events from time to time. Yet I seldom see any right-wing bloggers do the same (Sully is an exception, and disagree with him as I regularly do on issues, I still appreciate that he reveals his human experience through his blog).

It's interesting to hear the pundits speculate on the identity of the next Pope. I keep waiting to hear someone (especially from The Church) expound on the fact that it is HOLINESS or devotion to Christ that should determine the man who will next attempt to fill the shoes of The Big Fisherman, Simon the Rock, but I never do. Has the papacy, like so many institutions, now become just another political post?

I think I personally was better off staying out of touch with the world and totally focused on my own little world of my love and my family. But as my mother-in-law reminded me when she arrived to assist with The Sage's after-cardio-care, "Americans are abysmally ignorant of world issues because they don't care or choose from fear not to know," I've never in my life not been able to join that group. I care. I fear. But I choose to know and to act.

So do you. Or you wouldn't be reading this.


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