Wednesday, April 6


John Cornyn isn't yet backing down from his attack on the judiciary, and Ken Mehlman is running with Cornyn's message.

Questioned about his remarks Tuesday, Cornyn said: "The American people have to understand how the judiciary, in some instances ... has become more of a policy-making body rather than a traditional court of law."

Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman echoed the point in an interview. He said "unelected and unaccountable judges" were taking decisions away from the American people as expressed by their elected representatives.

"I believe very strongly that one of the reasons we have ... culture wars today is because decisions that ought to be democratically made are taken out of the democratic process and instead are made by unaccountable judges," Mehlman said.
Said Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada: "I think that the Republican legislative leaders in Congress have forgotten what our Constitution's all about. If they don't get what they want, they attack who's ever around. Now they're after the courts. And I just think that it goes back to this arrogance of power."


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