Thursday, April 7


What are they thinking? The Florida legislature is about to pas a bill that allows people to kill with impunity anyone who threatens them, even in a public place, without requiring them to first attempt to escape.

Democrats pointed out the irony of the Florida legislature passing the Bill after both the President and his brother tried to intervene to save the life of Terri Schiavo, the severely brain-damaged woman who died last week after a state court ordered the removal of her feeding tube.

Democrat Dan Gelber said: "For a House that talks about the culture of life, it’s ironic that we would be devaluing life in this Bill. That’s exactly what we’re doing."

Irv Slosberg, Democrat representative of Boca Raton, said: "All this Bill will do is sell more guns and possibly turn Florida into the OK Corral."

I can see it now -- every wild-eyed lunatic wingnut in the state will be packing heat and itching to let loose on the first guy who doesn't hold his mouth the right way. Who's going to determine whether a fear of death or great bodily harm is "reasonable"?

The bill passed 94-20 in the Florida House. Sounds like more than a few Dems crossed the line on this one.


Anonymous Oh Boy! said...

What dose terri shiavo have to do with this bill. terri shiavo was not some scum bag trying to steal you wallet or harm your family on a deserted sidewalk. When will you crybaby pussies stop telling the rest of us that we have to be pussies too. You want to run away, when somebody is trying to hurt you; than run away! All I know is for the last 20 years or so, it has been just walk away, just walk away. Lets all be good little boys and girls. Just because someone hits you, dose not mean you have the right to hit them back, etc. All I have noticed from that is an ever increasing nation of bullies and rude, obnoxious individuals that think they can do and say whatever they want. Not to mention a major terrorist attack where people sat on a plane and permitted a small number of terrorist to hijack the plane with plastic knives and fly them into buildings. Most people do not want to kill and even more than most don't want to be killed, so now maybe everyone will play nice with each other!

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