Thursday, April 21


Bob Herbert pens a poignant and lovely tribute to Marla Ruzicka:

So if you were into stereotyping, you might see her, even admire her, and still miss the fact that in her short life she gave us a stunning example of what it means to function full time, and with all one's energy, at the highest level of humanity.
Her goal was twofold: First, to secure compensation for the relatives of innocent victims who were killed, and for the many thousands of noncombatants who have been wounded or displaced. And, second, to get the U.S. government to establish an office or agency, perhaps within the State Department, to collect data and report on the civilian casualties of war.
She didn't do it for political gain or monetary gain. She did it out of love. I think her legacy will be to forever change the attitude of the U.S. government and the U.S. military on how they deal with collateral damage."

A lovely sentiment, that last paragraph, but with this administration and this military command, I think it's highly unlikely that her personal tragedy will make the slightest difference. The wingnuts are already laughing and rejoicing in the most callous way in her death. At least among progressives, she will be mourned, remembered and honored.


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