Tuesday, May 3


Though typically I enjoy Bill Maher, last night The Sage and I watched his standup routine and were appalled by at least one of his riffs. Speaking about Dick Cheney's status as captain of his high school football team Bill shouted that he HATED his high school football captain, that he HATED high school, and followed it by saying he was really sorry there weren't school shootings in his day, he'd have had a very long list of people he would have liked to blow away.

This kind of talk is not only insensitive, it's irresponsible, it's reprehensible. Since the broadcast was taped sometime between the political conventions and the 2004 presidential election I'm surprised I haven't heard it declaimed before.

He had a few other pretty ugly things to say as well, the prisoners at Guantanamo being the target of one of his roll-em-up-and-snuff-them rants. Bill's been hanging around his good buddy Ann Coulter too long -- last night he sounded as ready as she to gun down a few hundred people just based on their religion and/or nation of origin, or merely whether or not he agrees with or likes them. Rough stuff.


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