Monday, May 16


Just walked into an interesting exchange on Lou Dobbs Tonight. After a discussion of the Newsweek frenzy, in a gruff, cynical manner, Lou asked reporter Ed Henry if Bush administration officials had remonstrated with Pakistani leaders for firing into a crowd protesting alleged incidents of U.S. military interrogators abusing the Koran at Gitmo. "For now, no, they're just blaming Newsweek," replied Henry. Lou harrumphed.

So typical of this take-no-responsibility-but-find-a-patsy-to-scapegoat administration.

Then Lou asked another correspondent what the administration is saying about the Iranian nuclear situation. After she replied that the U.S. is declining to comment (for what reason, I missed), then followed it with an almost-apologetic remark that that's the usual position, Lou grumphed, "The usual position, not to comment on one of the [most important issues facing us]." (My memory reconstructing the essence of his comment.)

I know we like to torture Lou from time to time, but honestly, he increasingly shows more disgust with the Bushies than most any other on-air personality. Keith Olbermann would trump him in that regard, but he has too much humor to qualify -- it's a case of disgust vs. contempt, with disgust being more impressive.

UPDATE: Lou just told Howie Kurtz that he's disturbed by the fervor of blame-Newsweek since the U.S. government hasn't condemned Pakistani government actions against its people. He asked Howie, "Do you think the context will become part of the story?" Howie doubts it, he thinks for now Newsweek IS the story. Lou shows disapproval.


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