Thursday, May 5


I am so incensed by ABC's decision to air advertising by Focus on the Family after turning down commercials from the United Church of Christ:

In December and March, the three major networks denied a purchasing request by the Cleveland-based UCC. NBC and CBS rejected the UCC’s 30-second ads as “too controversial.” ABC, however, sidestepped the fray by maintaining that it has a blanket policy against all religious advertising.

The fact is, the UCC's message was an inclusive one, reaching out to all segments of humanity, including the dread HOMOSEXUAL community, with the word of God's, and the UCC's, love and acceptance. Focus on the Family is clearly a religious group, but its viewpoint is, and always has been, regressive -- its founder and leader, James Dobson, would clearly like to take the United States back to a pre-Enlightenment era where wives don't work, children (even infants) feel the pinch and the paddle more than the kiss and the cuddle, and men rule not only their own domains but everyone else's. In their worldview, homosexuals are subhuman, the source of all that is wrong with our culture, and the principles of judicial review and separation of church and state are an affront to the Almighty.

The UCC should resubmit their commercials to ABC in light of the latest events and if their advertising is again rejected, they should sue the pants off of the network.

Find out how to contact your local ABC affiliate by clicking on this map. The mailing address and telephone number for ABC Network is:

ABC, Inc.
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4551
Phone number: (818) 460-7477


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