Friday, June 10


"That's white of you, George."

BUSH: Well, first, as I've said in my statement, we've tripled aid to Africa. Africa is an important part of my foreign policy. I remember when I first talked to Condi, when I was trying to convince her to become the national security adviser, she said, "Are you going to pay attention to the continent of Africa?" I said, "You bet."

Good Lord, is he a honky or what? Someone asks him about aid to Africa, and the first thing he says is that he talked with his house Negro about it. I'm surprised he didn't mention Colin Powell, Willie Mays, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, and Wayne Brady.

What an idiot. It's revealing that he apparently thinks of this Africa thing as a cause that only black people would be interested in—you know that in his heart of hearts, he couldn't give a shit about it.


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