Sunday, June 26


Howard Dean restores a fiery tradition.

When Howard was in Dallas a couple of weeks ago, about 200 of us gathered in an air-conditioned tent in the sideyard of a couple of Dallas asbestos litigators to hear him speak, and we weren't disappointed. He speaks naturally but with conviction. He delivers short, clear statements that prompt cheers and applause, which build adrenaline in the crowd. By the end, we were ready to carry him out on our shoulders. It's not soaring rhetoric that characterizes his talk -- it's plain truths that can be understood, and accepted, by anyone. It's painful truth we progressives contemplate every day, but he offers an implacable confidence that justice and wisdom will prevail, and it is such a relief to absorb that confidence, even briefly. He outlines specific counters to Bush policies, and they can be understood by Everyman. I truly believe he can win Southern hourly workers who have Confederate flag stickers displayed on their pickups.

Howard's demeanor also is appealing. He's serious, but has a twinkle ready at appropriate moments. He seems the antidote to media-made politicos, very real and human but not of the Bush variety which has no substance -- on the contrary, he projects a laser-like program for party organization and policy advocacy. He inspires trust, confidence, empowerment.

Howard for '08.


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